Part 1 – Sneaking Out

Ed stared at his sleeping wife’s face. Wife… he could call her that now. They had been engaged for so long, he’d have to get used to it.STARING AT YOU! CREEPY! Hey, Aurora loves books so much, she has dreams about them! Ed sighed, and walked out of the room. His son Timothy was doing his homework at the kitchen table. Ed booted up the ancient computer, and started typing to a random person. Timothy got up and started to walk out of the front door. “Where are you going?” Ed asked him. “Just getting a slice of cake. Why’d you ask?” Timothy said. “Just trying to keep an eye on you. You are grounded, after all.” “Dad, don’t remind me! My life is bad enough already!” Ed sighed. “Okay, go get your slice of cake.” He went back to typing.

Timothy grabbed the pie lifter. Why did his dad have to keep him on a leash so much? Ian was the rebellious one, not him! He just wanted to be friends with his dad. Maybe he could sneak out of the house… As long as he didn’t get caught. His parents would kill him. Timothy sat down at the picnic table with his cake, and thought. “Hey, Timothy.” Timothy turned around. “Oh, hi, Jelly Bean. How was your day?” Jelly Bean sighed. “Stressful. But awesome.” Timothy patted the seat next to him. “Tell me.” Jelly Bean sat down. “Well, I earned 176 simoleans today. And… I got a raise!” Jelly Bean grinned at Timothy. “That’s great! Congratulations!” They smiled at eachother for a moment, then looked at the stars.Screenshot-273 Screenshot-274 “How was your day, by the way?” Jelly Bean asked. Tim sighed. “Not so great. I got grounded for having bad grades. But, seriously, D is not a bad grade! Dad’s just being unreasonable.” “Uh, dude, D is one of the worst grades you can get. Seriously, aren’t you the smart one?” “Oh, yeah, like you’re any better!” Jelly Bean laughed. “I guess you’re right. We’re the D dudes!” They laughed again. “Oh no!” Jelly Bean yelled, making Timothy jump. “Woah, what is it, J.B.?” Jelly Bean slapped his forehead. “I gotta get my homework done!” He started working on his homework. Timothy stared. “You keep your homework in your inventory?” “Yeah, it’s more efficient. Then I don’t forget to bring it to school, so I can work on it there!” Timothy laughed. “Well, I’m going in. I’m so tired right now. I have to go.” Jelly bean eyed him. “I won’t tell anyone,” he said. “What are you talking about? I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Timothy rambled. Jelly bean smiled. “Goodnight, my fellow D dude. Have fun sneaking out.”

Aurora loved painting. That’s just what she was doing when Timothy and Jelly Bean burst in the door. “What’s the rush?” She asked them. “It’s raining,” Jelly Bean told her, then sat down at the table to do his homework. Timothy yawned. “Well, I’m off to bed,” he announced. Aurora smiled, then focused on her painting. Maybe she could paint a brilliant painting! Aurora looked over at Ed. She loved him so much. What was he making? She smelled the air. Ooh, spaghetti! Her favorite! It smelled delicious, too. Ed hugged Aurora from behind. Aurora laughed. “What do you want?” “Nothing. Just to look at your face. You have such beautiful eyes.” She spun around to look at him. “I love you, too. Now let me paint!” She laughed.They're not really looking into eachother's eyes, they're just looking above the other person's head XD

Timothy woke up. What time was it? He woke up his phone, making sure the light didn’t disturb Jelly Bean, who was sleeping on the bottom bunk. It was 3:21. Now was not the time. Plus, it was still raining out. Timothy sighed, and fell back to sleep.

Timothy woke up again. It was 4:46. Perfect. He climbed out of bed, and tiptoed carefully out of the house.Sneeeeeeaking Now, what was the place that would be least likely to get him caught? Ah, yes. The graveyard. He called over a taxi. “Pleasant Rest Graveyard, please.” “Isn’t it a little late for a teenager to be outside?” The taxi driver asked. “Yeah, just don’t tell anyone,” Timothy pleaded. “Okay, I get lots of teenagers out after curfew. You’re lucky Stan isn’t your driver, he would freak. Ah, here we are. Have fun at the graveyard.”Tim, do you always randoly hop in a taxi in the middle of the night? Or just this time? Timothy thanked the taxi driver, and ran off into the fog. Oh, great, it was raining again. He looked around the graveyard. He wasn’t afraid of it. It was just some weeds. And a pond. And some creepy gravestones. And a dead tree. And a ghost. Wait, what? Timothy whirled around, and screamed. “Hey, what’s your problem?” He heard someone ask. Timothy looked up. The ghost looked sad. “Oh, sorry. Didn’t mean to scare you. Everyone’s scared of me!” “Oh, I’m so sorry!” Timothy apologized. “It’s just… I’ve never really seen a ghost before. I think you’re cool.” “You do?” The ghost smiled at him. “Well, I am sorry if I scared you. I guess I am a bit Evil!” He cackled. “Awesome! Meeting someone evil, and a ghost on the same day! Best – Day – Ever!” Said Timothy. They both laughed.

“What, Timothy Baer, where you THINKING?!” Apparently Timothy chose the wrong time to come home. His mom was furious.Aurora: ME ANGRY! RAWR! Tim: HELP! Some weird lady in a bra is trying to skin me and eat me alive! AAAAAHHHHH! “Just, oh, I’m going to sneak out after curfew, even though I’m grounded!? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!” Timothy winced. “I dunno, just…” He sighed, and let out a moan. “Well, that just extended your time at home. Hope you’re happy.” She stormed off. Timothy growled. Parents are so unfair. He wished Ian would come back from Hippie School. It was so lonely without Ian there to get Timothy in trouble. Timothy pulled out his phone. He dialed Ian’s cell number, and pressed talk. The phone ran. Finally, it went: “*BEEP* You have reached Ian Baer. So, I can’t answer the phone right now, so leave a message. *BEEP*” Timothy started talking. “Hey Ian, it’s Tim. Just calling to keep you updated on what’s real. Call me back!” Timothy hung up. Worst. Day. Ever.


2 – Baby Baerfoot

Aurora walked out of the Town Hall. She was Aurora Baerfoot now. When her and Ed got married, they knew they were going to mix their last names together.
But up until then, they never noticed what it would be! Well, they did both love the outdoors…
“Well, we’re officially married, Mrs. Baerfoot.”
“That’s Mz. Baerfoot to you, brave Sir Baerfoot.” Ed smiled, and pulled her into a kiss.
Ed looked at her lovingly. “Well, we better get home before the boys do, so they don’t trash the place.”
Aurora laughed. “Okay, let’s go. Though I suppose we can take our time. Shall we stroll, my love?” She asked, gaining a fake british accent.
“Yes, I think we shall! What a lovely spring day. The smell of the flowers are quite invinegarating!” Ed also had a fake british accent. Aurora laughed.

“Timothy… I don’t know what to say,” Aurora said through clenched teeth.
“Wait, mom! Listen to me first. I-”
“No. You’re grounded for a week now. Congratulations.”
“Wait, mom! I missed the bus home! Please, I got distracted reading! Please don’t ground me for a week.” Timothy hung his head. Aurora’s expression softened.
“Okay, I believe you. You aren’t grounded for a week. I was just-” Aurora’s eyes flew wide.
“Mom, are you oka-” Aurora ran inside, and Timothy was just left there to stare.Man, my mom is crazier every day

Ian walked with a skip in his step. Graduation! And an honour roll student, too! He was ready to go home. He started to run. Apparently he's a fan of  The Beatles...As he ran into town, he remembered everything. His girlfriend Cari, his brother Timothy, and Timothy’s weird friend Jelly Bean. He remembered his Mom and his Dad. He would be so happy to see them! And there was his house. His beautiful house! Oh joyous day!

“Honey, are you alright?” Ed had woken up. His wife had just threw up into the toilet. Aurora grinned.
“You could say that! I’m pregnant!” Ed stared, gawping.
ERMAGERD ERM SHER HERPEE“That’s great!” He pulled her into a hug. That’s when they heard the door open.
“Mom, Dad, Tim? I’m home!”

Ian knew his family would be happy to see him, but he didn’t expect to be mobbed just a few seconds after he walked in the door.
“Ian’s home!” His mom screamed, his dad cried happy tears, and Timothy hugged him. Jelly Bean smiled.
“So, how was Hippie School?” Timothy asked.
“It was great!” Ian told him all about his friends, and all his experiences.
“Also, I got on the honour roll!” everyone hugged him even more, except Jelly Bean. They were never really good friends, him and Jelly Bean. Mostly because there was a time Ian didn’t even believe Jelly Bean was a real person, just a figment of Timothy’s imagination. Also Jelly Bean’s mind was a bit…
Ian put Jelly Bean out of his mind. “We all got you presents, even though you told us not to,” Aurora grinned.

After opening his presents, Ian walked out of the house and threw his diploma in the air. He finally graduated! As he put it back in his inventory, his hand brushed something. He pulled it out. His old Teddy Bear. As he looked at it, he was flooded by memories. Ian held his Teddy Bear and blinked away tears. He was an adult now. His life had begun.AWW HE'S AW GWOWN UUUPPP

“Stop, stop!” Cari Ursine gasped as Ian kicked another ball into the net. “What is it? Are you okay?” Ian asked her.
“I’m fine, I just need a break.”
He walked over to her. “Honey, you are a bit out of shape. Are you okay?”
“I’m fine. It’s just…” she sighed. “Hey, fatso, get off the field! You’re gonna hurt yourself!” someone jeered. Ian growled, and started after them. “No. Stay here,” Cari told him.
“He’s right, I shouldn’t be playing soccer.” Ian stared at her. “You’re not fat.”
“Then what would you call me? Something polite, I guess. Maybe ‘big’. Well, I am fat.”
“You are not fat.”
Cari looked up at Ian. “I love you. But I am.” He hugged her.

In the days that followed, Ian tried everything to try to make Cari feel good about herself. He sent her a love letter and signed it “Anonymous”.HAI I BE STALKER YOU ARE NOT FAT -Anonymous He gave her a phone call. But she wouldn’t get over her size. How could he make her see that he didn’t care about that kind of thing? Then he came up with an idea.
He picked up his phone and dialed in Cari’s number. “Hello?” she answered. “Hi, Cari, I was wondering if you would like to come over. “Oh Ian… I don’t feel like it right now.” She started to hang up. “Wait! I- I wanted to go to The Lovely Party Hangout. You know, where we always used to go.” Cari sighed. “Not tonight.” “But-” Cari had already hung up.

Jelly Bean looked up at the sky. What was that? He did see strange things a lot of the time, but nothing like this. Or maybe it was just another of his crazy visions. It could be that. Wait, it’s moving. It looks like… no. No no no. NO NO NO NO NO. “NOOOOOOO!” Jelly Bean was lifted into the sky by a beam of light and the anomaly disappeared, taking Jelly Bean with it.Yeah, maybe looking up at what you think might be an alien spaceship was not such a good ideaPoof! Goes the Jelly Bean!